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Too Much?

Me: Oh, come here Boo-Boo. Let me get that booger in your nose. My friend: Eeeeww! You pick your son’s nose? That’s gross! Me: How is that gross? I wipe s**t off his balls everyday! My friend: (pause) I really … Continue reading

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They Never Stop

In my previous post, I lamented the fact that my Boo-Boo has yet to say “Mama”, “Mom”, or any other such derivative. It’s not as if he isn’t talking. He does have a few words in his vocabulary and certainly … Continue reading

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Right Now

Right now, my Boo-Boo can: Say “hi”, “bye”, “see ya”, “go”, “Dada”, “bike”, and “book”. You would think that he would say “Mama” by now. But, nooooo. Sigh. He probably does….when I’m out of earshot and with a choking motion. … Continue reading

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Usually when we go grocery shopping, my hubby takes Boo-Boo in the stroller and I man the shopping cart. Well, it just occurred to me that Boo-Boo may just be big enough to sit in the cart now. Hmmm…. (Now, … Continue reading

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My apologies for not having anything up in a while. I’ve been busy at work, trying to maintain some semblance of order in the house, packing up summer clothing stuff, unloading winter stuff (boo!), and freaking out because Boo-Boo is … Continue reading

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Off The Hook

Raise your hand if you think that parenthood is exhausting. I’m not talking about I-just-ran-a-marathon-and-I-can’t-feel-my-legs kind of exhaustion. I’m talking about the what-have-I-gotten-myself-into type mixed in with a little I-better-rethink-this-whole-soul-sucking-change-in-lifestyle-thing-called-parenthood-again. Up until a certain age (the earlier the better), you … Continue reading

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Didn’t You Get The Memo?

When I took my son to the beach for the first time, I wanted to take some shots of his footprints in the sand. You see, I’m quite the artiste. Not. Lol. Unfortunately, there were two things conspiring against me and … Continue reading

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