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Things That Have Been Bugging Me Lately

Soooo, if you’re caught cheating on your spouse, you can say that you are a sex addict and go into rehab. It’s not really your fault because you have a problem and need help. Thank you David Duchovny, Tiger Woods, … Continue reading

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Getting Off The Crazy Train

I decided to do a little cleaning up on this blog today. I went through my Blogroll to see if all the links there were worth keeping. One of the links I immediately deleted was to the “Jon & Kate … Continue reading

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Sun, Surf, and Rugrats

Florida! Yep, we are going to have our first family vacation. Finally! Actually, it will also be the first trip together for me and my hubby. What? Yeah, I know. We’re a little behind on that sort of thing. Well, … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry

I feel guilty for being a mother. Let me explain. When I’m with a bunch of mothers, the conversation inevitably turns to either pregnancy, labour, or babies. I sit quietly until I’m asked about any of the three aforementioned topics. … Continue reading

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