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Holiday Hangover

Yes, I’m still alive. Barely. As much as I love getting together and seeing family over the holidays, December is NOT my favourite month by any stretch. Firstly, I have to deal with crazy, lobotomized shoppers at my store. People, … Continue reading

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I Haven’t Even Started Shopping Yet! Frak!

As the holidays get closer, I’m starting to think of Christmas traditions. Hubby and I haven’t really started any of our own. I meant to get an Advent calendar  but then I realized that we were already into December. So … Continue reading

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Apparently, my blog’s one year anniversary came and went. And, I didn’t even know it! I really need to stay on top of things. Unfortunately, things will get even more hectic with the holidays coming. Less than a month to … Continue reading

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What Am I Eating?

Don’t know about you, but fall is my favourite season. Some people hate it because it means that winter is just around the corner. But, I love it because it signifies change for me. Don’t know why. I guess falling … Continue reading

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Happy Ho-Ho Everyone!

Before I started this blog, I actually hadn’t read anyone else’s. I had heard about blogs and understood that they were somewhat a by-product of this digital age where nothing is sacred. I pooh-poohed them, considered them to be vain, … Continue reading

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Why Can’t We All Get Along?

Yesterday I was determined to finish my Xmas shopping. They were calling for heavy snow this weekend and the joyous holiday is only six days away. After putting the little bugger to sleep, I informed my husband that I was … Continue reading

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