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How Do You Play?

I thought that this was quite brilliant.

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No Luddites Here!

Are you technologically savvy? I think that I’m okay. I can use a computer. I have a smart phone. I’m alright with social media (still on the fence with Twitter though). I want my son to be more technologically adept … Continue reading

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Take Him Please!

You guys need a night out. Just the two of you. Let me babysit. For most parents, hearing those words is a God-send. After a heart-felt thanks, words such as “See you sucker!” usually follow. I have a hard time … Continue reading

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I Lied. It’s Really All About Me

My birthday is coming up. As expected, I get the “What do you want for your birthday?” query. Amazingly, people are aghast when I tell them, “Nothing”. Well, I don’t need anything. I’ve got a home, a wonderful family, and … Continue reading

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It Can’t Always Be About Me

In my previous post, I had vented a little bit. I had a challenging day with Boo-Boo and I was feeling overwhelmed. In one of my comments, I lamented how mothers were supposed to fulfill all these other roles well … Continue reading

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It Kinda Sucks Now….

Ever had one of those moments in your parenting career (why can’t I call it a career?) where you ask yourself, “What the f**k have I gotten myself into?”. Well, now that Boo-Boo is your typical hyperactive, moody, cunning, resourceful, … Continue reading

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Not Quite….

I’ve blogged before about how my Boo-Boo had decided that he no longer felt the need to be confined by a cage crib. Instead of telling me, “Mama, no more crib!” or something along those lines, he figured that he … Continue reading

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