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Haiku For You

I try not to scream His diaper so full of poop Is spread on the floor

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Oy Ve!

What to post? What to post? Lately, my son has been going through this “I don’t want to lie still to get my diaper changed because I want to see everything NOW” phase. It’s been incredibly frustrating. I’ve tried singing … Continue reading

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Diapers Don’t Go Bad

Okay, a funny thing happened when I was at the store yesterday. At least, I thought it was funny. There I am in Zellers, pondering which flavours of baby food I should get. I’m actually making my own now (thanks … Continue reading

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Things That May Not Have Occurred To You

(written Friday, July 25, 2008 at 1:50am) Parenthood is a scary thing indeed. I don’t think you’re ever ready for it. Oh sure there are lots of books and web sites. But, I’ve been finding lately that experience and common … Continue reading

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