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Holiday Hangover

Yes, I’m still alive. Barely. As much as I love getting together and seeing family over the holidays, December is NOT my favourite month by any stretch. Firstly, I have to deal with crazy, lobotomized shoppers at my store. People, … Continue reading

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I Haven’t Even Started Shopping Yet! Frak!

As the holidays get closer, I’m starting to think of Christmas traditions. Hubby and I haven’t really started any of our own. I meant to get an Advent calendar  but then I realized that we were already into December. So … Continue reading

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Apparently, my blog’s one year anniversary came and went. And, I didn’t even know it! I really need to stay on top of things. Unfortunately, things will get even more hectic with the holidays coming. Less than a month to … Continue reading

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I Heart Books

I just found this quote: A book is a present that you can open again and again I wish I knew who said it. But, I love it. I also love books. Put me in a bookstore and there’s three … Continue reading

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Happy Ho-Ho Everyone!

Before I started this blog, I actually hadn’t read anyone else’s. I had heard about blogs and understood that they were somewhat a by-product of this digital age where nothing is sacred. I pooh-poohed them, considered them to be vain, … Continue reading

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Holiday Randomness

So I’m sitting here, with a glass of wine, waiting for inspiration to strike. Today’s events were less then stellar. I had to do a little grocery shopping and then hit the liquor store. My son didn’t add to his … Continue reading

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God Bless Us, Every One

This will be my son’s first Christmas. Being only 9 months old, I doubt that he’ll remember anything. Even so, we’ve got the tree up and sing Christmas jingles when we can (OK, only one – Santa Claus Is Coming … Continue reading

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