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Self Serve

My son did a very weird thing the other day. We were playing in his room. Rather, he was playing. I was lying on the floor exhausted from running around at work. Isn’t it exam time? Shouldn’t kids be studying rather … Continue reading

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I’ve mentioned before about my little guy teething and the havoc that he has unwittingly created. He’s thankfully calmed down a bit. But, he’s now started doing something that is causing me even more anguish. He’s rejecting my boobs. For … Continue reading

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Stop Drinking The Hater-ade

I’ve been reading a few blogs lately about breastfeeding. When I was pregnant, I knew that this was the path I was going to take. My mom breastfed. My sister breastfed. My friends breastfed. Some had more success than others. … Continue reading

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That Does Not Mean You’re Superwoman

OK, we’re all in a hurry. We have places to go, things to do. If you’re like me, you multi-task. You try to do multiple things at once. For example, listen to the morning radio, read the paper and eat … Continue reading

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Don’t you love it when kids say the darnedest things? My sister asked me a couple of weeks ago to look after her kids. Her hubby had a funeral to go to and she couldn’t take another day off work. … Continue reading

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Go Mommy Go!

I’ve always admired Salma Hayek. She’s beautiful, funny, talented, and intelligent. In a sea of botoxed Hollywood phonies, Salma is refreshingly endearing and down-to-earth. Then, I saw this story: http://abcnews.go.com/Video/playerIndex?id=6817290 (WARNING: As much as this footage is inspirational, it is … Continue reading

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Pick Your Battles

I’ve read a few posts regarding the whole brouhaha over Facebook banning pictures of breastfeeding. As a breastfeeding mother who uses Facebook quite religiously, I find myself on the fence. Both sides are right. Both sides are wrong. Facebook has … Continue reading

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