Beautiful song. Amazing voice.

Just funny.

I have new respect for this guy. Shame about his music though.

Mind-boggling dancing and inventive take on a classic song.

I LOVE QUEST CREW! Dtrix rocks my world.


Whimsical and fun. I wish we had these in Toronto.

I love Monty Python. This commercial was funny and clever.

“So You Think You Can Dance” is one of my favourite shows ever! This routine was spell-binding.

I saw this and became an instant fan.


Quite possibly the hottest routine I’ve ever seen!

Oh. My. God.

Love this take on one of my fave songs.

What if “8 Mile” had been filmed in France during the 60’s? This is actually a commercial for Stella Artois beer. C’est bon!

This is an amazing story of love, devotion, and hope. There’s quite a few clips of this on YouTube. But, they all seem to have that annoying Whitney Houston song,”I Will Always Love You”, as the soundtrack. I picked this one because Sigur Ros is infinitely cooler.


I’m not a huge fan of basketball but I love Steve Nash. He’s talented, down-to-earth, and CANADIAN! Here, he’s channeling his inner Zoolander. Too funny.



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