Take Him Please!

You guys need a night out. Just the two of you. Let me babysit.

For most parents, hearing those words is a God-send. After a heart-felt thanks, words such as “See you sucker!” usually follow.

I have a hard time letting other people look after my Boo-Boo. I really shouldn’t. I mean, the people who offer are family members who have or have had kids themselves. Looking after a two-year old for a few hours isn’t that big of a deal. Yes, a lot may happen. But, these people aren’t exactly clueless when it comes to babysitting.

My husband and I need to go out. We some time to just be a couple. I can’t remember the last time we went on a “date”.

Yet, I have a hard time letting go. I have a hard time letting someone else watch him. It’s not as if he’s a “problem”child. I take that back. There are no “problem” children; only children who cause problematic situations. LOL.

But, Boo-Boo has his moments. He has a propensity to create chaos (80% of my day is spent picking up after him). He has this insatiable need to climb and will often use precarious-looking objects (i.e. Fisher-Price garage, bicycle) as step stools. I swear that he’s a Ninja. I’ve witnessed Boo-Boo climb onto a chair (swivel!), onto a desk, and then onto the computer in about 2 seconds flat.

I suppose my apprehension comes from what these potential caregivers may think of my child. If they have a challenging time with him, will they think that there is some possible behaviorial/psychological defect with Boo-Boo? Or even worse, would they think that we’re horrible parents?

Yes, this is completely and irrational of me to think this way.

Isn’t there some sort of adage about children being a reflection of their parents?

Oh boy.

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5 Responses to Take Him Please!

  1. Cyndi says:

    I had no trouble leaving my oldest son with trusted relatives when he was a little guy because he was so good. My youngest was colicky and generally cranky so I very rarely left him with anyone until he outgrew that awful stage. I was afraid he would be too much for them and even that they wouldn’t love him as much as my oldest son. We didn’t get out much his first year. Then when he was about a year old we had to go out of town for my sister’s wedding. There was no getting out of it. I ended up not worrying nearly as much as I thought I would and Grandma did just fine with both of them for 3 days. I loosened up after that. You’ll do it when you feel comfortable. :)

  2. Hey Myra, thanks for sharing, I usually let my mum take care of my son, but I didn’t let go in one go, cos my mum came over and being with us and studied his routines so now they have this great bond :).

    Maybe you could hire someone but be with them for the first couple of weeks and see how they operate :)

  3. myra36 says:

    Thanks for the input guys! I’m getting a little better. I had my brother actually look after him for a few hours when my hubby and I were in a bind. Apparently, it took him 20 minutes to put on Boo-Boo’s sleeper. LOL. I just wish he had recorded it.

  4. les says:

    Oh, Myra–let them think whatever they want. A kid-free evening is heaven on earth! (okay, so hubby and I usually ended up talking about the little buggers the whole time we were away from them). But still…you need it for your sanity. Unless you’re really certain the sitter could not safely watch your baby, take them up on the offer!!!

    • myra36 says:

      Isn’t it funny how when you’re finally away from the kids that all you do is talk about them? It’s like you two have no other interests or hobbies anymore. Lol. Yeah, I think hubby and I are overdue for a date night. Just have to find a day that we’re both free. Lol.

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