It Can’t Always Be About Me

In my previous post, I had vented a little bit. I had a challenging day with Boo-Boo and I was feeling overwhelmed. In one of my comments, I lamented how mothers were supposed to fulfill all these other roles well and without complaint. But,  I decided to look at my partner and think about how he must feel about his role…or roles.

Let’s face it. We can be hard on our men. We ask that they be strong and masculine. And yet, they must be be sensitive and in tune with our needs. But, I think we sometimes forget that we can’t communicate with men the same way we communicate with women. Yes, it’s cliche. But, it’s true.

My hubby has hinted to me that he sometimes feels that he will never measure up to his role as a parent. After all, he didn’t carry him for nine months. He didn’t give birth. And, he didn’t nourish him for over a year. The bond between mother and child is so primal and instinctive. It’s easy to forget that some men may feel insecure. I see how slighted he feels when Boo-Boo “chooses” me over him.

Men have to wear different hats too. I expect my hubby to be a husband, father, provider, lover, confidant, partner, chauffeur, and friend. Yet, I don’t know if he feels the same pressure as I do in being able to fulfill other roles. Are our expectations of women greater?

I have no answers. Nor do I expect to find one anytime soon.

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