It Kinda Sucks Now….

Ever had one of those moments in your parenting career (why can’t I call it a career?) where you ask yourself, “What the f**k have I gotten myself into?”.

Well, now that Boo-Boo is your typical hyperactive, moody, cunning, resourceful, and sneaky toddler, watching him is an all-consuming chore activity.

I miss those days when he was basically immobile. Child-proofing was just a matter of surrounding him with pillows. Now, he runs maniacally throughout the house. Day in, day out. Taking him to the park to let off steam does nothing. He. Doesn’t. Stop. Ever.

Make sure that you have nothing at a height he can reach. Easier said than done. Children are geniuses. They will find a way. Quickly they figure out that a chair, box, or Fisher Price car garage can be easily dragged over and used as a footstool. They’re like civil engineers. Crazy.

Have you ever tried to reason with a two-year old? It’s like compromising with a meth-addicted Tasmanian Devil. I swear he puts things in his mouth and dares me to try to get it from him.

Those of you who have more than one child are thinking the same thing. PATHETIC! She wants to have another and yet she can’t handle this one kid.

It’s not that. Although this past Mother’s Day, all I wanted was to be left alone and sleep in. I used to want dinner and flowers. What happened?

I do cherish the moments when he looks at me and smiles. I almost tear up when I watch him sleep. And, I marvel at how fast he’s growing up.

But, if I think that it’s difficult now, how will I cope when he starts talking back to me? What will I do when he deliberately disobeys me? How will I handle his anger?

It kills me when I see other people take parenting so nonchalantly. I bristle when I tell people that I stepped down from a career to focus on motherhood. How is raising a human being inferior to being a lawyer?

Again I ask, why can’t I call parenting a career? It takes time, resources, education, and intelligence to be a parent. Not everyone can do it. Not everyone should.

Mind you, once you’ve chosen this path, you can’t exactly leave it. You’re in it for the long haul.

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6 Responses to It Kinda Sucks Now….

  1. Cyndi says:

    I have two children. They are 27 months apart. They are now 9 & 11 but back when my youngest was a colicky newborn and my oldest was a 2 year old IT WAS HARD!! No matter how many children we have, we moms all go through the same sucky moments..days…weeks. You can handle the child you have now and I’m sure you’ll handle a 2nd. We aren’t perfect and raising kids is as challenging as it is rewarding.

    Mother’s Day is a big issue for me. If it’s supposed to be our day then being left alone and sleeping in is what we should do. I’ve found that is exactly what the vast majority of us actually want. Not dinner and flowers but ONE DAY OFF. One day to be just us. A break.

    Stepping down to be a full time mom is not for everyone but it is also not inferior to being a lawyer. Some moms need a career in addition to being a mom. Some don’t.

    I read this article recently that I found interesting and applies here:

    • myra36 says:

      Thanks for the link! I never thought that I would be a mother. Growing up, it was something I didn’t think about or aspire to be. But, now I have Boo-Boo in my life, I feel complete (as cliched as it sounds). I’m grateful, though, for waiting. There was too much partying and living I had to do in my twenties first. I can’t believe how self-centered I was before. Children really do change your life. But, only for the better.

  2. les says:

    Aww, sounds like you had a rough day. I know there were days when I couldn’t wait for hubby to get home so I could go out for a jog or something. It might be hard to believe, but I think having two is a little easier than having one (well, once the newborn phase is over). Sometimes they fight, but a lot of times they entertain each other and give you time to breathe. I also found that When I just had the one, I worried more about little things and maybe obsessed a little over him. After my second, I felt like a pro…kinda.

    • myra36 says:

      I understand what you mean about two kids being somewhat easier. With your first, you’re so careful. You listen to the experts and do everything by the book. By the time your second (or third, etc.) rolls around, you’ve learned what really works and what you don’t need to obsess over. I think so much pressure is placed upon mothers. You’re expected to be the caregiver, wife, cook, maid, organizer, disciplinarian, planner, shopper, and chauffeur. We give so much that it’s sometimes hard to do anything for ourselves. I’m still struggling to find that balance.

  3. les says:

    Exactly! You’re supposed to know all, do all, and then for your efforts get no pay and very little prestige. Grrrr…..

  4. myra36 says:

    That’s why every day should be Mother’s Day!

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