Not Quite….

I’ve blogged before about how my Boo-Boo had decided that he no longer felt the need to be confined by a cage crib. Instead of telling me, “Mama, no more crib!” or something along those lines, he figured that he was Spiderman and climbed out. Of course, he’s now climbing on everything. The little guy has no fear. But, I digress.

So, it was time for a bed. We had bought our crib specifically because it could be converted into a toddler bed. I just had to find the damn instructions.

Being a resourceful and practical parent (ha!), I had stored the extra parts in the trundle drawer underneath for future use. But, when I pulled out everything, the instructions needed to convert it into a bed were not there.


All I had was a single sheet of paper telling me what parts I was supposed to have. Clearly, I was missing something.

So, I told asked  my husband to  look up our particular crib online. No dice. Mind you, I didn’t actually see him perform the search. He may have lied just so he could go back to gaming.

Eventually, my husband decided that he would try to “MacGyver” a bed for the little bugger. Upon taking the damn apart, he discovered the magical instructions printed underneath the friggin’  mattress.

Duh! How could I have missed them? I only changed Boo-Boo’s sheets for two years!

Anyhoo, hubby turned the crib into a bed in no time at all. So, Boo-Boo is now a “big boy” in  a “big boy” bed.


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4 Responses to Not Quite….

  1. kimmy8989 says:

    I think kids is more comfortable in bed rather than cribs.

  2. les says:

    All that work for nothing! You could have just thrown the mattress on the floor. :)

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