Things That Have Been Bugging Me Lately

Soooo, if you’re caught cheating on your spouse, you can say that you are a sex addict and go into rehab. It’s not really your fault because you have a problem and need help. Thank you David Duchovny, Tiger Woods, and Jesse James.  I was unaware of such an affliction.

Let me backtrack. Addiction is debilitating and destructive. I’m sure there are people who are addicted to sex like drugs and alcohol. However, I do question the sincerity, timing, and motives of the individuals mentioned above. When there are millions of dollars involved, you would just about say anything to deflect the blame off yourself. It almost brings the legitimacy of sexual addiction into question.

Just ‘fess up boys! You cheated because you’re lying, immature, sneaky bastards!

By the way, I can’t believe Tiger wouldn’t think to put a password on his phone. Hello? A cry for help or just plain arrogance?


And, another thing. Who was voting to keep Kate Gosselin on “Dancing With The Stars”? Seriously! Granted, there has to be a train wreck every season (i.e. Macy Gray, Cloris Leachman). But, it was getting ridiculous. Thank God she’s off the the show finally!

It was bad enough that she insisted that she was like “other moms”. Oh yeah. I get $7000 hair extensions all the freakin’ time. But, does she also have to go on about “having to work harder” because she’s a single mom? Um, you’re qualified as a registered nurse. Get off my television and go do that instead.

Who wants to bet that we’ll see her kids on some sort of “reality-based” show on MTV in about 15 years time? Or maybe “Celebrity Rehab”?

Pardon my cynicism. But, I’m OVER it!


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4 Responses to Things That Have Been Bugging Me Lately

  1. Cyndi says:

    LOL – I know. I’m not sure if I buy the whole sex addiction thing or not in general but it is particularly annoying that all these celebrities discover they have this “disease” when their skanky girlfriends hit the tabloids talking about their shenanigans. Even more annoying is that it’s considered “news”. Who gives a crap which stripper Jesse James is sleeping with this week anyway? I swear I’m getting closer and closer to suggesting our TV go in the trash.

    • myra36 says:

      Adultery is a 2-way street too. I mean, these skanks knew that they were having affairs with married men. Also, they seem to run to the tabloids at the most opportunistic time (i.e. Duchovny had a hit show, Sandra just won the Oscar). Hmmmm….

  2. les says:

    ugh. Why does Kate have so many fans? She’s whiny, b*tchy, and has someone else doing most of the hard work of raising her kids. How did those two morons end up with such cute kids?

    • myra36 says:

      I hear you! I really hope the kids see the error in their parents’ ways as they get older. The last thing we need are more “celebrity” brats!

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