Oh Yeah! I Have A Blog

Okay……it’s been a while. My apologies.

After the Olympics,  me and the rest of Canada took our sweet-ass time recovering from our collective hockey gold hangover.  Ha, ha!

Also, I’ve been busy with work, Boo-Boo just turned two, and other RL stuff just kept intruding.

And….I’m slightly addicted to Yoville on Facebook.

I know it’s a stupid little game. I know that. But, I’m obsessed with recruiting crew members so I can get more coins at the Factory. I decorate my rooms and buy homes. I check out the forums and….

I will return to real life at some point.

Just give me a sec.

I promise that I will return soon. I just gotta buy some stuff to decorate my apartment…


About myra36

parent, housewife, advocate, diva
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2 Responses to Oh Yeah! I Have A Blog

  1. Cyndi says:

    LOL – I’m addicted to Restaurant City on FB! Welcome back! :)

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