Right Now

Right now, my Boo-Boo can:

  • Say “hi”, “bye”, “see ya”, “go”, “Dada”, “bike”, and “book”. You would think that he would say “Mama” by now. But, nooooo. Sigh. He probably does….when I’m out of earshot and with a choking motion. I kid, I kid.
  • Follow some instructions. When we say “bedtime” or “naptime”, he makes a beeline for his room. Sometimes, he’ll fake cry all the way. But, he still goes and waits for us to put him into his crib. He’s also good at going to his feeding chair when I tell him, ” Time to eat”. Now, he just needs to learn, “Pour Mama another drink”.
  • Determine when he is in trouble by the sound of my voice. I really try hard not to say “No!’  But, it’s a work in progress. At least, he hasn’t learned to say “No” to me. Instead, he’ll say “Bye” and either run to his room or have a spaz attack on the floor.
  • Change the channel. I really hate this one. He’ll climb onto the end table and reach for the cable box. It pleases him to no end to see the picture on the screen change. Of course, he picks the most inopportune time – i.e. right before the Leafs score.

Right now, I realize that these things are only significant to me. But, I post them for posterity. I don’t know if I’ll remember these little milestones when he’s fifteen. Or at the rate I’m going, when he’s five.

Right now, I’m beginning to have trouble lifting him. He’s about 35 pounds. I’m 4’10” and weigh less than 100. When he’s in my arms, it looks like I’m carrying a  midget. Note to self: Start doing push-ups.

Right now, I know there are a million other things I should be doing. Laundry needs to be put away, floor needs to be mopped, bathrooms need to be cleaned, and stuff needs to be thrown out. But, I prefer to be clicking away on my laptop. My wine is nearby.

Right now, I’m content.

photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons


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5 Responses to Right Now

  1. Cyndi says:

    There are always a million other thing we “should” be doing when we choose instead to take care of ourselves. Good for you!

    Some unsolicited advice: STOP teaching boo-boo to say “mommy” or any variation thereof. Once learned, this word is repeated upwards of 1000 times per day for the rest of their lives. Don’t do it! :)

    • myra36 says:

      LOL! There was an episode of “Family Guy” where Stewie kept saying “Mummy” like a gazillion times. I think Lois finally yelled “WHAT?” To which Stewie replied “Hi!”. It was hilarious and true-to-life. I may post it.

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