Whoa! Look At What Hemingway Started

Can you sum yourself up in six words?

I came across this site that actually compiled a bunch of these into a book. Some of them are simply hilarious. We are in an age that is obsessed with making everything into a short form (lol, lmao, rotfl, imo, etc.) and microblogging (Twitter is the devil). The shorter the better. Who has time to read complete words and huge paragraphs? I need information to be shoveled to me in small, truncated bites.

So, I’ve come up with a few six word memoirs for myself. What do you think?

Raspberry vodka makes me very happy.

Beware silent children. Havoc usually ensues.

Banjo music makes me go postal.

Dreams do change. You adapt accordingly.

Looks are nothing but an accident.

I didn’t plan it that way.

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4 Responses to Whoa! Look At What Hemingway Started

  1. Very interesting. I might have to try this out for myself!

  2. This is harder than it looks! Here’s one for me:

    My computer makes me a slacker.

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