Mutter, Mutter, Mutter

I feel like giving up.

I simply cannot keep up with my son’s nails. They grow like weeds. I am literally clipping them every couple of days. WTF? I should synthesize the ingredient that’s stimulating this insane nail growth and bottle it up for Sally Hansen. I’d make millions.

Just when I think that I’ve got the overgrown buggers, he wakes up the next day with a little scratch on his nose. Somehow it always seems to be on a day that we have to go to my mom’s place too. Then I have to deal with the accusations that I’m somehow lacking maternally because I can’t do something as simple as cutting my son’s nails.


He’s discovered climbing too. Why do kids have no hesitation when it comes to putting themselves in potentially hazardous situations? He will climb onto a chair and then onto the table. He’s fallen a couple of times. But, he climbs back up again as if gravity will somehow not kick in.

I’ve had to put my kitchen chairs in the laundry room.

In our next house, we will have no furniture. Just pillows.


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2 Responses to Mutter, Mutter, Mutter

  1. lol. Remember the days when you couldn’t wait for him to walk?

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