Usually when we go grocery shopping, my hubby takes Boo-Boo in the stroller and I man the shopping cart.

Well, it just occurred to me that Boo-Boo may just be big enough to sit in the cart now. Hmmm….

(Now, I’m well aware that I could have put him in a regular shopping cart a long time ago. Like I said, it just occurred to me to try..)

So, we decided to find out on our most recent excursion to the Wal-Mart Supercentre. Btw, I actually LOVE the Wal-Mart Supercentre. Everything is under one roof including McDonald’s (I know it’s bad! I feel guilty enough as it is but “Monopoly” is going on now.), and Wine Rack (A boozy Mama is a happy Mama!).

So, after wiping down the cart thoroughly, I plunked my offspring in and clicked the straps together.

The look on his face was PRICELESS. All of a sudden, he was up at my eye level and he could see over everything. The vibration of the cart going over the sidewalk brought on fits of giggles. I wish I thought of recording that precious sound with my Crackberry.

While my Boo-Boo clearly enjoyed the new experience, it just reminded me that he was growing up exponentially. Soon, he’ll be walking beside me, pulling things off the shelves, complaining that it isn’t fair that I’m getting the “Great Value” waffles and not the “Eggo” waffles….


shopping cart

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2 Responses to A-Ha

  1. Aww! He’s a big boy now…

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