What Am I Eating?

autumn trees

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Don’t know about you, but fall is my favourite season. Some people hate it because it means that winter is just around the corner. But, I love it because it signifies change for me. Don’t know why. I guess falling leaves remind me of shedding layers of oneself. But, that really doesn’t make much sense since you have to pile on layers of clothes to keep warm. Go figure.

I suppose I like fall because I prefer to be cool than hot and sticky like in the summer. He, he. Also, the colours are sooo much nicer. Rich, vibrant tones of pumpkin, paprika, and ochre. Loves it.

There’s nothing better than to pad around the house in sweats, sipping hot tea when it’s cold and nippy outside. The shopping mall is quieter too since the kids are back in school. Score!

Fall also means hockey. Hello? We’re Canadian! We would love to have our son play eventually. But, hockey is ridiculously expensive. We might as well give the league our blood. It really should be free as it is our national sport. Well, it’s actually one of the them.  Lacrosse is the other. That’s right. We have two official pastimes. Apparently, we can’t make up our minds on anything.

Anyhoo, I think that’s enough of me rambling. I would now like to share this little snippet of conversation from our Thanksgiving luncheon that took place this past Sunday.

My sister – Mmmmm! This is really good! Is this pumpkin?

My aunt – Yes.

My sister – You have to tell how you did it! You roasted it?

My aunt – Yes. You take butternut squash and roast it in the oven. You add salt, pepper, and balsamic vinegar.

My sister – Wait a minute. I thought that you said this was pumpkin. It’s butternut squash?

My aunt – It’s like pumpkin because it’s orange.


Don’t you just love family get-togethers?


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4 Responses to What Am I Eating?

  1. Cyndi says:

    I like fall but don’t like winter and absolutely love summer so fall is bittersweet for me.

    That is a hilarious and oh so typical conversation!! My sister and I somewhere along the line started a tradition of confessing to our mother things we did behind her back when we lived at home that she previously never knew about. Good times. :)

    • myra36 says:

      Oh my goodness, that would be hilarious! My sis and I aren’t up for confession yet. However, I have a feeling that our mom knows about the s**t we pulled. Mothers just seem to know everything.

  2. I always got a good feeling about fall. I actually wanted to get married in October because it’s such a beautiful month (except for this year, it seems), but we didn’t want to wait and chose August instead. Too bad the promise of winter has to ruin the joy of autumn. :(

    Your aunt could be my mother. She does things just like that!

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