He’s Usually Not Like This…

Why do people have to comment how “good” a baby is?

When I go out with my Boo-Boo, I sometimes get complete strangers who tell me that I’m so “lucky” to have a child who is so “good” because he’s so quiet and well-behaved. Um, I really can’t take credit for that. I don’t do anything. He’s still too young to have any concept of what constitutes proper behavior in public.

What the frak makes a “bad” baby then?

Too much crying? It’s not like they can verbalize or anything. Sometimes, no amount of pleading or cajoling will calm a baby down.  You just have to let them go. I secretly wish my Boo-Boo would act up when we’re out. I like inflicting suffering on others.

Get into everything? How else are they supposed to learn? Exploration and discovery are paramount to developing life skills.

Yeah, it sucks when babies make a mess and scream their heads off at seemingly inopportune times. But, it’s not as if they know any better. Go with the flow.

I would be worried if dead animals started showing up around the house though…

Children are not bad. They just do bad things.

crying baby


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