Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

A couple of weeks ago, my son had his first playdate. My hubby and one of his co-workers thought it would be fun to get our son and his daughter together. Unfortunately, I missed all the fun because I had to work that day. But, hubby was happy to report that there were no meltdowns. The kids actually shared toys and had a grand time in the pool. Whew! My worries over my son’s socialization skills were all for naught. I should know better. Kids figure it out just fine without parental interference.

It got me thinking about playtime in general. When did it become an appointment to schedule in? Isn’t playing supposed to be something that just happens?

Here’s a quote from a book that I’m currently reading:

Before us, people had kids. We parent.

There are so many people out there telling us what books to read to our children, what toys to buy, what foods to feed them, what car seat/crib/bedding/miscellaneous gadget to use, etc. Our parents never had such resources. They relied on common sense, intuition, and what their own parents did before them. And, we turned out just fine. I think.

Mom: You know, I never put sunscreen on you as a baby. I didn’t even use diaper wipes. Just water.

Me: Did I eat lead paint and inhale asbestos too?

Mom: Not really.



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2 Responses to Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

  1. Cyndi says:

    Hilarious! I never did the playdate thing. It did just happen naturally. In fact, that word actually bothers me. :)

    I agree that there are all sorts of politically correct experts/books, etc. full of all sorts of unnecessary nonsense. Having said that, my own parents could have used some clues about parenting and even a small dose of self-awareness. I’m sure many did fine but many also failed miserably.

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