Just Some Randomness

My previous post was a bit of a rant. But, I needed to vent. The vodka I drank after Queen Bee and her family left wasn’t enough to wash the bitterness away. When I related the same incident to a friend of mine yesterday, he couldn’t understand why the hell such a slight would matter to me. He said, “Why would you care?”


That is not the issue here. As a friend, you’re supposed to sympathize, say “Oh no, she didn’t!” in all the right places, and generally have my back.  Yes, I probably should not care. But, if I want to raise a stink about it then that’s my perogative.


Anyhoo, did anyone catch Miley Cyrus on the Teen Choice Awards? Pole dancing? I found it highly ironic that she presented some sort of Lifetime Achievement  award to Britney Spears. In five years time, it will be Miley who is stumbling out of bars, flashing her crotch, and hooking up with douche bags. Stop riding your daughter’s coat tails Billy Ray and start parenting!

Ok, she didn’t really pole dance. The show organizers will say that the pole was there merely for balance. But, those short shorts Miley wore are scandalous enough!

Is this how you transition from girlhood to womandom? I think I need a do-over

Is this how you transition from girlhood to womandom? I think I need a do-over


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3 Responses to Just Some Randomness

  1. materix01 says:

    Meh, I’ve given up on celebs as role models. I rather they screw up abit every now and then so I feel better that they aren’t laughing all the way to the bank with the millions without any downsides.

  2. Yes! I feel the same way about someone having your back–I mean unless it’s something they really disagree with you about. But just to say something to antagonize someone–totally not cool.

    And poor Miley. I hope she’s not becoming the next Britney. One of those is enough.

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