I love:

1) The way he comes to me as I’m reading the newspaper and puts his head in my lap.

2) How he laughs riotously at “Elmo” or “Bob The Builder” on television.

3) His smile when I get him up in the morning.

4) The softness of his cheek when he falls asleep on my chest.

5) Hearing the pitter-patter of his bare feet on the hardwood.

6) How he is able to take one strawberry and manage to get it in his hair, on his shirt, and all over his face.

7) Seeing what milestones will be reached every day.

I don’t like:

1) How he squirms like a child possessed when I change his diaper.

2) The fact that he now spits out food that he just wolfed down the day before.

3) When he grabs the book out of hands as I’m trying to read him a story because he would much rather chew on it.

4) How he no longer wants to be nursed.

5) Seeing a scratch on his face because I can’t keep up with his nail cutting.

6) The fact that he’s growing up so quickly.


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