Thanks for the memories!

Thanks for the memories!

On our Florida vacation, we decided that our Boo-Boo was a little young for Disneyworld. For a place that iconic, I want to take him when he is old enough to actually remember the experience. But, how can you not go to theme park when you’re in Orlando? There’s only a gazillion of them. So, we decided upon Sea World.

Theme park admission is expensive in general. But, I didn’t realize how expensive. Eighty dollars per person! Frak! Mind you, that price enabled you to go to the other parks affiliated with Sea World (Busch Gardens, Adventure Island, Aquatica). But, still.    

Luckily, we sat through a vacation-sharing presentation shortly after we checked in. We may never get those ninety minutes back, but we were hooked up with $100 worth of American Express gift cards. That made the park admission a little more tolerable. And, I don’t feel guilty about not buying into anything.

So, we were off to Sea World!

The fine print on our tickets mentioned that there would be a bio scan. What? Visions of Big Brother and Homeland Security immediately came to mind. Of course, it was only to prevent people from passing their tickets onto someone else to use. But, giving my fingerprint at the gate was a little weird.

Anyhoo, we had a great time at Sea World. It was hot as hell but the intermittent rain helped cool things down a bit. We got to touch stingrays (eww), see lots of marine life, and catch the killer whale show. The food was the usual inedible theme park crap. Luckily, copious amounts of ice-cold Bud helped immensely. Hell, any alcohol makes trekking around  a huge-ass park in swampy heat more bearable.

All in all, it was a successful outing. I was surprised that Boo-Boo managed to keep chill throughout the day. I was worried that six hours of schlepping around would cause a massive meltdown. But, he seemed to really want to take in the sights. He didn’t even have his usual afternoon nap.

So, my son is no longer a theme park newbie. I can’t wait til he’s old enough to go on some actual rides.




Petting the stingrays




Shamu! The show was actually delayed because one of the matriarchs wasn't cooperating.


Leafy seahorse. Weird.


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6 Responses to Shamu!

  1. Evenshine says:

    80 bucks???? Don’t they know we’re in a recession???!!!

  2. You’re smart to wait on Disney World. I know someone that took her toddlers and they were terrified of the big Disney figures. It’s supposed to be fun!

  3. Justin says:

    Eight dollars is definitely worth seeing a leafy seahorse and touching a stingray. You might think that I’m being sarcastic, but I promise that I’m not. :)

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