Vive La Difference!

When you go on vacation, you not only want to relax and chill, but you also want to see and experience things that you wouldn’t get back home. These things don’t necessarily have to be big or even positive. But, they do add to your memories and give you something to talk about at the next family gathering.

Here is my short list of things that we saw and experienced in Florida which were completely foreign to us.

1) Driving on the highway at 55 mph.

This speed works out to be approximately 88.5 kilometres per hour. The speed limit back home is 100 km. I’m not saying that it’s bad or anything. Just different and infuriating at if you’re not used to it. I don’t know which drove my husband more crazy – the Sunday driving or me yelling at him to slow down every 10 minutes.

speed limit

2) Fish tacos.

I forget where I had first heard of these things. But, I made it my mission to try one when we came down. The only place that seemed to have them was Long John Silver’s. So, we punched that into our GPS and away we went. Unfortunately, the updated maps hadn’t been downloaded into the thing (thanks Dad). So, the GPS lead us straight to Skidville where the restaurant had obviously ceased to be a while ago. Luckily, we spied a Long John’s on our way to Cocoa Beach. After a unexplained and annoying delay (apparently the staff were either backed up or just forgot how to make the bloody things), I was able to sink my teeth into a couple of fish tacos. I doubt that they’re authentic or healthy, but they sure were yummy!

fish taco

3) Weird baby food.

We stayed in a condo so we cooked our own meals most of the time instead of eating out. When we went grocery shopping, I found it interesting to see foods that we don’t have back home (yay grits!). But, I thought that Gerber’s “Lil Sticks” were just bizarre.  Are these healthy? They look like Viennese sausages. I wouldn’t even eat these let alone give them to my kid. I’m not hating but….yuck!

 gerber lil sticks

4) Seeing lizards on the sidewalk.

I’m a bit of a princess when it comes to the outdoors. I don’t go camping and I absolutely hate bugs. So, seeing dozens of creepy, scaly things dart around freaked me out a bit. Double yuck!


5) Is it this hot in hell?

Orlando is freaking hot! Okay, maybe it’s not as hot as Nevada or Arizona but the humidity wraps around you like a cheap date. Whew! It actually worked out to be a blessing in disguise. I didn’t have to bother with makeup at all since it would melt after five minutes. Thank God the pool was mere steps away!

 Yes, I want to visit Florida again!


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6 Responses to Vive La Difference!

  1. tokyo5 says:

    I grew up in Florida…but I moved to Tokyo in 1990.

    Your post made me remember the place I grew up in. I had forgotten about lizards! And one of my first jobs as a teenager was at Long John Silvers!

    Where do you live, BTW?

    • myra36 says:

      I live just outside of Toronto, Ontario in Canada. Lol.

      Thanks for dropping by!

      • tokyo5 says:

        Oh, Toronto. It’s a nice city.

        We’ve only been to Canada once….about fourteen years ago. It was a trip to Niagara Falls.

      • myra36 says:

        I love Niagara but I haven’t been in ages.

        Toronto is on Day 29 of a city worker strike unfortunately. Garbage has been piling up BIG TIME. The city isn’t smelling too great these days. Lol.

  2. Justin says:

    LOL that’s really funny!

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