No! Anything But The Cup!

Whenever I rhapsodize about how wonderful my Boo-Boo is, people always say, “Wait until he hits the Terrible Two’s!”. Why do they have to be a harbinger of doom? But, at 16 months, he’s definitely starting to assert his independence and test boundaries. Yes, he sometimes has a little fit when he doesn’t get his way. But, after I’ve distracted him with something else, all is OK. Terrible Two’s? Bring it on!

I’ve blogged before about our trials and tribulations with the sippy cup. Well, he’s finally accepted it. Yay! We only had to go through about four different kinds of cups. Unfortunately, he won’t drink milk out of the thing (only water). But, I figure that it will be OK if I put homo milk into his food and give him yogurt.

So, we nearly had a calamity of epic proportions the other day when I nearly lost the bloody thing!

I had decided to go to the store to pick up a few things. It had rained crazy hard earlier but turned out hot and sunny. I had even planned to go through the park. Perfect!

So, I packed up the little bugger and off we went. I noticed about halfway there that my cup holder thingie on my stroller had somehow popped out. It was actually hanging upside down. No problem, clickety-click and all fixed. We got to the park finally and stopped to catch a breather. I figured my kid would be thirsty so I went to get his sippy cup from the cup holder.

It wasn’t there.

Well, of course it wasn’t there. The stupid cup holder had been  hanging upside-down only a few moments earlier. Crap.

So, I turned around to trace back my steps. I really needed to find that sippy cup. It took forever to get him to drink out of the thing. And, I didn’t want to shell out another eight bucks. A measly eight bucks? Hey, that’s four cups of coffee at Tim Horton’s.

Anyhoo, walking back was hell since it was uphill. Not a problem if it’s just me. However, it’s a sweaty endeavor on a hot day with a toddler in a stroller. Who needs to go to the gym?

Luckily, I found the sippy cup. It was sitting on the sidewalk about twenty feet from home. Whew!

Needless to say, we never made it to the park. We did get to the store though. I definitely needed a box of wine after that brouhaha.


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2 Responses to No! Anything But The Cup!

  1. I could be kind and let you think the Terrible Twos will be as bad as it gets. But with all three of my boys, the “Threes” are a terror with boys. Makes the “Twos” seem like a walk in the park. Anyhoo, glad you found the cup.

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