Get Off Your Butt

I just got a message from an old friend on Facebook. She just wanted to wish me a happy belated birthday. So sweet! But, she also went on to say that the reason that she had forgotten was because she hadn’t been on Facebook lately.

That got me thinking.

I realized that the only reason I ever remember anyone’s birthday/anniversary/party is because of Facebook. If it’s not on there, I won’t know about it. I also realized that I don’t know anyone’s phone number. I just push a button on my cell and it dials it for me. Gadzooks! What happened to memorizing? I used to know everyone’s number like the back of my hand. Technology may have made things faster and easier. But, it also has reduced my brain to a lazy pile of mush.


I’m reminded of the movie “WALL-E”. In it, people have morphed into immobile “Jabba the Huts” because technology has  eliminated their need for walking. With the invention of the Segueway, is permanent laziness that far behind?



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7 Responses to Get Off Your Butt

  1. james rogers says:

    I feel your pain. Facebook keeps me up to date also with birthdays. I suck at remembering close friends bdays!

  2. I hear ya. We’re all in trouble if there’s some major glitch in technology. We’ll have to start using our brains again, along with old-fashioned calendars, paper and pens.

    • myra36 says:

      I started keeping a calendar on our fridge to keep track of our son’s accomplishments. Unfortunately, I rely on my phone to keep track of my appointments and such. I’m totally screwed if I ever lose the thing!

  3. Cyndi says:

    I’m so guilty of this too. I forget just about everything and then am always shocked when one of my electronic means reminds me of an event. I almost forgot my own mother’s b-day this week, and it’s NOT the first time!

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