Still The King

Michael! Michael! Michael!

Coverage of Michael Jackson’s death is everywhere. It seems that every news channel is not only covering the latest developments but they are creating stories out of thin air. Folks, we are coming close to supersaturation.

Don’t get me wrong. I still love the man’s music. But, this beatification is a little over the top. He was a musical icon and a sensational performer. No one will ever be as famous as he was. However, fame certainly seemed to have distorted his perception of reality.   He unwittingly surrounded himself with too many “yes” men. We will forever be wondering what may have been.

A friend of mine revealed to me that he was actually glad that he was dead. He said that as a mother, I should be relieved as well since he was a pedophile. My friend thought that I was letting Michael’s celebrity status cloud my judgment.

Hmmmm. Do we give preferential treatment to celebrities? Perhaps. We have a tendency to put them on a pedestal.  But, don’t we also then take sadistic pleasure in bringing them down? As I recall, the child molestation charges were never proven. In fact, I was always suspicious of the fact that the Chandler family chose to take a settlement ($20 million!) rather then go to court.  As a parent, I would have definitely tried to prosecute his ass. If it was true, of course. Balls to the wall!

Now I’m hearing rumours that the boy lied about Michael molesting him. Shazbot!

Well, I still will be exposing my son to Michael’s music. He may have been a flawed star, but he was a star nonetheless. Maybe I’m kidding myself. But, I want to remember the Michael from 1983. This was the Michael who broke boundaries and set the blueprint for every single performer since then. This was the innocent Michael. The Michael who was still together and unblemished by money-hungry whores and sycophants.

So, like many people, I will be watching the memorial coverage on television.  Maybe I am a lemming and shouldn’t be buying into the hype. However, I did grow up with Michael’s music imprinted into my consciousness. He was an integral part of my childhood.

He was also a son, brother, and father. My heart goes out to his family.

Despite his troubles, the world will never produce another artist like Michael. He was one of a kind.


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One Response to Still The King

  1. I might be in the minority but I don’t want to watch hours of funeral services, memorials , or tributes to anyone. Everybody dies and I’d just as soon watch Dr. Phil. Michael was an amazing performer and I have no idea whether he molested those children. Those parents were certainly all too eager to offer them up to Michael. Would I let my young children stay unsupervised with ANY adult (who is not a relative) for a sleepover? Don’t think so. And they should prosecute these unprofessional doctors who feed these stars drugs like candy.

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