Getting Off The Crazy Train

I decided to do a little cleaning up on this blog today. I went through my Blogroll to see if all the links there were worth keeping.

One of the links I immediately deleted was to the “Jon & Kate Plus Eight” website.

I loved this show in the beginning. Like many others, I found it fascinating to watch this humongous family cope with each other and life in general. I find it challenging parenting just one child. Eight kids is plain crazy. Mind you, my mother-in-law dealt with nine. Where’s her reality show?

I once gave kudos to Jon and Kate for sticking together and putting their children first. Watching the kids grow up was heart-warming and funny. I appreciated how they weren’t angels all the time. The sadistic side of me loved seeing the meltdowns. It made them seem more real (unlike that other huge family on TLC).

Eventually, however, cracks began to show. Kate’s controlling nature seemed to be borderline obsessive and emasculating. Jon’s passive-aggressiveness was just infuriating. Their lack of communication and inability to be on the same parental page made their relationship unhealthy.

What started off as an inside look at the chaos of a family of multiples quickly disintegrated into a showcase of endorsements and freebies. As interest in the family grew, it quickly become more of a business rather than the video diary Kate had once mentioned as being the original intent of the show.

So, amid huge buildup (but no great surprise), the Gosselins announced their plans for divorce.

Team Kate? Team Jon?

They’re both right. And, they’re both wrong.

I believe that they still would have separated without the added pressure of the  media. Their disparate personalities and lack of mutual respect was a recipe for certain disaster.

It’s a travesty that their children will now have to suffer the consequences of their parents’ stupidity.

I have stopped watching this trainwreck. I urge you to do the same.


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One Response to Getting Off The Crazy Train

  1. People love to rubberneck–especially at a huge wreck like this. I imagine the show will temporarily become more popular than ever. What a shame for the kids.

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