Digital Comfort

I used to be a thumbsucker. My sister was a thumbsucker. My brother was a thumbsucker. My other sister was a thumbsucker.

We’re a family of thumbsuckers.

The need for security and comfort from our opposable digit was fleeting. We all quickly outgrew the habit by the age of five or so. He, he. Some of us needed more comfort than others.

My son started to suck his thumb when he was a few months old. Fine. I didn’t sweat it. I don’t like pacifiers. So when he found a way to self-soothe, I was ecstatic.

Do I worry about his thumbsucking? Nah.

Like I’ve said. We’re a family of thumbsuckers. And, I like to think that we turned out just fine.

So, I was a little put off when I was shopping today. I had just finished purchasing my stuff when the salesperson looked into my stroller and saw my son happily sucking away.

Oh! He shouldn’t do that! It’s bad!

Thanks for your input. But, I don’t recall asking for your opinion.

(Btw, I didn’t actually say anything back. I just smiled and wished bad karma upon her and her family.)

The next time he does that, you should pull his thumb out of his mouth.

The next time that I’m shopping here, you should mind your own damn business!

Why do I have to deal with the crazy ones?



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2 Responses to Digital Comfort

  1. Cyndi says:

    Two things….first, total strangers criticizing anything is completely unacceptable! She can THINK whatever the hell she wants but I can’t believe she had the nerve to tell you what to do with your own kid. I’m not sure I could have been as nice. I may have delivered that bad Karma right there on the spot!

    Second, my youngest son was colicky. I bought every pacifier on the market at the time and tried them all. When I say tried, I mean I used to put them in his mouth and hold them there for a minute hoping and praying that he would like one of them and stop the constant screaming. It was futile. He never liked any of them. One day he discovered his thumb. It was a beautiful day! He looked so freakin’ cute too, asleep, thumb in mouth. Some of my favorite pics of him as a baby are the ones in which he’s sucking on his thumb. He outgrew it at some point. I’m not even sure when so it was well before I considered it to be age-inappropriate. And he’s not a serial killer, has all his teeth, gets good grades and is respectful of adults, even when they don’t necessarily deserve it. :)

    • myra36 says:

      I have lots of pics with his thumb in his mouth too. It’s amazing how babies can figure out what works for them.

      I have never felt the need to offer any advice or criticism to complete strangers. I don’t understand what compels others to do so. Maybe they have this need to validate themselves.


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