Mama Needs A New Toy


I really hate PCs sometimes. They crash too often for my liking. I haven’t heard of anyone needing to defrag or re-install anything on their Mac.  PCs are too high maintenance.

Our computer completely and stupendously crashed a few days ago. Of course, my husband asked me what I did to cause such a colossal meltdown. Hello? All I do is Facebook,email, download music, and blog. I don’t install anything. And, I certainly don’t open up any strange emails. It wasn’t me. It’s because the infernal thing is a PC.

So, I’m stuck with this laptop right now while my hubby is trying to coax life out of the main computer. He has been muttering something fierce about “getting a new motherboard” and “re-installing drivers” for a few days now.

I hate laptops. They’re too small and the keyboard feels dinky. Yes, I’m being nitpicky but I’m allowed.

So, I want a Mac. I’ve always liked Macs. They’re easy to use and look a lot cooler. Sexy even.

My birthday is coming up.


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10 Responses to Mama Needs A New Toy

  1. sweetiegirlz says:

    They ARE beautiful aren’t they? My husband and I looked at some today and drooled over the huge screen. the sleek styling, the fact that it was new…haha.

  2. materix01 says:

    I love laptops.
    Perfect for using in bed on freezing mornings/nights.
    It’s summer in Canada though right?

    • myra36 says:

      It is summer here! Lol. I suppose laptops are good for that. Unfortunately, I don’t have a wireless hook-up yet. I need some doohickey thing. I’m sooo technical.

  3. materix01 says:

    Wireless routers are very cheap.
    The range can annoy me abit (my room has really bad connection as it’s the futherest away from the router.

  4. Cyndi says:

    I want a mac too but our PC isn’t even a year old so it’ll be awhile for me. Thank goodness for the laptop. There aren’t too many worse things than to be without a computer!

    • myra36 says:

      The couple of days we were sans computer were difficult. I felt so cut off. They say it’s good to be “analog” (no computer, no mobile, no TV,no iPod) once in a while. I’m not there yet though.


  5. bryan says:

    words cant describr just how much better macs are for an everyday user

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