When There’s Nothing Else On…

With my husband at work and my son safely tucked in bed, I decided to indulge my inner teenager. I watched the MTV Movie Awards last night.

Granted, MTV is not the most intellectually stimulating and sophisticated TV fare. Remember when they actually played music videos instead of this never-ending “reality” drivel? But, with vodka cocktail in hand, I decided to hell with it.

Most of the people who show up on these MTV productions are pretty vapid and inconsequential. Anyone associated with “The Hills” comes to mind. But, as with any MTV show, you can expect to see something unexpected and kill an hour or two..

Andy Samberg from SNL was the host. Overall, he was alright. He kept things moving and his skits were pretty funny. His naked bit with Justin Timberlake was hilariously awkward.

Robert Pattinson and Cam Gigandet won for “Best Fight”, marking the start of the vampire domination over the slumdogs. I haven’t seen the movie but am now having obscene thoughts. Twilight sandwich, anyone? Mama is feeling a little dirty and likes it!

MTV Movie Awards Show

What was Zac Efron thinking with that hair? Are you six years old? Fire your stylist! Shame on you, Vanessa! You should have helped your man out. Geez…


Most surreal moment of the night was definitely the Andy Samberg medley sung by Leann Rimes, Chris Isaak, and FOREST WHITAKER. A definite “WTF?” moment. It was good to see Leann perform. The idea of an alleged adulteress singing about jizz is too cool for school. Forest  sang “Dick In a Box”.  This either meant that he has a sense of humour or a misguided need to appeal to the MTV sycophants. The producers definitely smoke up.

Is it just me or is Kristen Stewart trying too hard to be uber-cool? She wore Converse sneakers with some preteen’s idea of a Goth party dress. I don’t get it. Call me cruel but her dropping her award was not endearing to me. I find her awkwardness uncomfortable. It seems more affected than real to me. Who knows?


Oddest moment of the night was when Eminem got teabagged by Sacha Baron Cohen’s alter ego, Bruno. I don’t know if Eminem was in on the joke. If he wasn’t, then Sacha is soooo lucky that Slim Shady’s entourage didn’t blow a cap in his ass.  Borat definitely smokes up.


Another highlight was Kiefer Sutherland’s overly emotive presentation of the “MTV Generation” award to Ben Stiller. I have loved this man since “The Lost Boys”. A serious actor who doesn’t take himself seriously. Being beyond cute doesn’t hurt either.

MTV Movie Awards Show

I have to admit that I was disappointed that “Twilight” won for “Best Movie” over “Slumdog Millionaire”. But, that’s what happens when you leave the voting up to teenyboppers. Then again, vampires are sexier…


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2 Responses to When There’s Nothing Else On…

  1. Evenshine says:

    And the new queen of the Gen-Xers is….


    Congrats, girl. You’re good at this. You should have a celebrity blog!

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