Up until yesterday it didn’t occur to me just how sensitive children can be.

I’m ticklish. Very ticklish. The touch-me-and-I’ll-kick-you-in-the-head kind of ticklish. Just the very thing that my husband loves to exploit any chance he gets.

So, he decided that it would be hilarious to pin me down and attempt to give me tickle torture.

He’s easily twice my size. But, I do play dirty and refuse to say “Uncle”.

As we were wrestling around and screaming, my Boo-Boo thought that we were fighting. Poor guy! He became very distraught and started bawling.

As soon as we extricated ourselves, I immediately picked him up and tried to reassure him that all was well and that we were just playing.

It took him nearly ten minutes to calm down.

I felt horrible. Of course, I berated my hubby for scaring our son like that. Before he could form a retort, however, we were interrupted by the sound of falling books and laughter.

Little bugger!


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One Response to Oops

  1. Cyndi says:

    LOL! They are very protective of their parents and so sensitive to discord or perceived harm. It’s so sweet.

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