My Inner Trekkie Is Talking

Isn’t it fascinating how our children are an amalgamation of both parents?

When our son was born, I wondered who he would like. Since he was of mixed heritage, I was curious to see if he would look more Asian or more Caucasian. I wanted to know if he would be as intense as me or be more laid back like his father.

Although he is still young, I can see that he definitely has elements from the both of us. He has my brown eyes and more of my complexion. He also seems to have inherited my hubby’s big hands and big feet. Lol. Maybe he still needs to grow into them. But my goodness!

He also seems to have gotten my almost obsessive sorting qualities. He will happily sit and go through a pile of laundry or books, organizing them according to categories that only he knows. His good nature and easy smile  are most definitely from his father though. Although there’s still time for him to get my sarcasm and jadedness.

As much as I don’t want him to grow up, I wish that I could press “Fast Forward” to see what kind of person he’ll become. Just a sneak peak.

I wish technology would hurry up and enable us to mess with the space-time continuum. Actually, I could do without the warp drive. Give me a food replicator!



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2 Responses to My Inner Trekkie Is Talking

  1. No, don’t fast forward. He’ll be growing up fast enough. Just make sure you enjoy him just the way he is right now, all cute and snuggly and smelling like baby. Then keep enjoying him every single moment you have.

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