I just had a really trying day at work so my brain is mush and I’m having trouble articulating anything right now. Judging by how busy it was in my store today, you wouldn’t think that we were in a recession. But, I suppose $2 tanks/tees/tops/shorts would drive anyone into a buying frenzy. Crazy!

Anyhoo, I happened upon this website:

Basically, you pick a date and it tells you what song topped the charts on that day. It’s totally random but somewhat amusing.

So, I picked a few meaningful dates to try it out.

Day I was born – “Lean On Me”, Bill Withers

18th birthday – “Step By Step”, New Kids On The Block

Wedding day – “U Remind Me”, Usher

First house  purchase – “No One”, Alicia Keys

Baby’s birth – “Low”, Flo Rida (ft. T-Pain)

It’s a great way to waste five minutes of your life and bring up some old memories too.

Man, I wish I can see New Kids in concert again! Donnie was my fave. But, Joey grew up quite nicely too. Lol.

To be young again.


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5 Responses to Meh

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  2. Evenshine says:

    Hee-freaking-larious that your baby’s birth coincided with “T-Pain”! Amazing!

  3. Cyndi says:

    That’s a cool site, thanks for posting it! BTW….NKOTB is touring again, right now!

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