Shaken Not Stirred

He’s baaack!

Did I miss him? Meh. He wasn’t gone that long. He, he.

The house was cleaner and quieter. Lol. I certainly missed my foot massage. LMAO.

He was thoughtful enough to bring home a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka Mojito Cocktail. Nothing like some booze to keep Mama happy.

With the economy going downhill, certain concessions have to be made. We no longer eat out, go to the movies, or buy as much meat. Major purchases and clothes-shopping are at a stand-still. However, there will always be booze in the house. We do need something to dull the pain of recession.

Cheers! Salut! Bottoms up!


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5 Responses to Shaken Not Stirred

  1. Cyndi says:

    Well, we have to have some standards and certainly can’t live like animals can we?! :)

  2. materix01 says:

    We no longer go out like we use to too. Major purchases haven’t really changed. No one in my family really buys clothes except me and my Sis and we are both currently have more than enough for this year.

    But how can you buy less meat???
    It’s meat?
    It’s God’s gift to mankind.

    (impersonates Smeagle/Gollum voice from LOTR)
    Sweet juicy tender meat =D

  3. Aww, he must have missed you.

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