The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth

My husband is having an all-guys weekend.

Are they going camping? Golfing? Baseball? Nope.

They are playing “Dungeons and Dragons”. Yes, I know. My husband is a geek.

Would you believe that they’ve been playing the same campaign since university? We’re talking about 15 years people. That’s a long time to pretend to be a wizard and roll multi-sided dice. I don’t get it.

It could be worse. They could be having a beer-soaked outing filled with artery-busting chicken wings and peeler bars.

Maybe this “Dungeons” thing is a cover? Hmmmm……

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7 Responses to The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth

  1. Hahaha! My Oldest Son does this at a friend’s house every Sunday night. They want to bring the gang here for a few sessions. I’m curious, but I’m kinda scared! LOL

  2. Cyndi says:

    That is hilarious!! I had no idea people still played that. I remember some weird club in HS but that’s about it. It could be worse, my hubby’s on a guy’s weekend at the Indy 500 as we speak…..strip bars, drunken topless women in the street, at the concerts and at the race…..general debauchery. Good times.

  3. myra36 says:

    Hmmmm…I’m thinking that I need to have an all-girl weekend.

  4. materix01 says:

    Dungeons and dragons eh?
    Sounds interesting. I think you should get him to play a bit of WOW. That way he stays home.
    What would you do for a girls night out?
    I know my parents call family friends over and have very long card/Mahjong tournaments when they want to have some fun.

    • myra36 says:

      He plays another game called “Battlefield 2142” (I think). It’s all he does on his days off. If you wonder why there are sometimes days between my posts, it’s because I haven’t been able to shove him off the computer. Lol.

      My girls night out would involve a lot of cocktails. A mommies version of “Sex In The City”?

  5. materix01 says:

    You can’t get him off the comp.
    What a world we live in eh?
    When my family has 5 laptops and three desktops. With only 4 ppl…

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