Come On People!

Kris Allen is the new American Idol.

Did the viewers get it right?

Er, no. But, s**t happens. And, there are no words to describe this stench.

As my friend and I watched the show last night, we were positive that Adam had won. I mean, he sang with KISS! He came out with wings and had fire! Runner-ups don’t get pyro, do they? And, there is that small matter of him being a better singer. Oh sure, Kris is talented and cute. But, he’s so safe. Boring, bland, and forgettable. Well, we do need a new John Mayer. Ever since he’s dated Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Simpson, he has become such a douche.

I do have to give props to the Idol producers. They put together a great show – with the exception of the group number. They really need to stop doing that.  But, there were so many highlights. I loved Steve Martin’s banjo, the return of Norman Gentle, and Kara’s sing-off with Bikini Girl. I dare say that Alison’s duet with Cyndi Lauper proved that she should have been in the finale with Adam. What could have been…

When Ryan announced that Kris had won, we screamed at the TV and tossed back a few more mojitos to dull the pain. Our only consolation is the fact that Adam will probably sell more CDs than Kris.  He also doesn’t have to sing that car crash of a song, “No Boundaries”. Really, Kara? Sigh.

Thank God “So You Think You Can Dance” has started up again!

American Idol Finale


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5 Responses to Come On People!

  1. Debra Fisher says:

    I just listened to the news in Memphis and they had a reporter in Conway Ark who interviewed people who had AT &T parties where they texted for Kris for 4 hours. The reporter said that of the 40 million texts entered that 38 million were from Arkansas. Don’t know if it is true, but that could be why Kris won. Maybe AI should change to 1 phone-1 vote.

    • myra36 says:

      Thanks for dropping by Debra!

      I haven’t heard that but I wouldn’t be surprised. “Idol” really needs to rethink their voting procedures. “Dancing With The Stars” has a limit on the number of times that you can vote. Why not “Idol”? Nothing against Kris but it should be fair for everyone.

  2. I read a comment somewhere else that since Adam didn’t win the Idol title, he can make the kind of music he wants to and not the crappy pop stuff (like you said) that the Idol producers want. This may be a huge upside to the loss.

  3. Cyndi says:

    I almost stopped watching when Daughtry was voted off but I just can’t get enough of this show, even when they get it wrong. And Kris over Adam is a complete joke. Do they even have cell phones in Arkansas??!! Ok, that was rude and discriminatory and bitter. But, you’re right, Adam will rock on with his bad self without the crappy Idol nonsense. I can’t wait!

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