By The Way…

cookieMother’s Day is coming up. My hubby has yet to ask me what I want or what I want to do. Granted, we’re not big on celebrating each others’ birthdays or Valentine’s Day. But, hello? I produced an heir for you!

This will be what I consider to be my second Mother’s Day as a mother. Last year my son was only two months old. I don’t even remember what we did. I blame sleep deprivation and hormones. I hope that it will be slightly more memorable this time around.

I don’t expect dancing elephants or naked cabana boys at my beck-and-call. Although, that would totally rock!. I merely want recognition for doing an awesome job and being the complete goddess that I am.

A full body massage would be nice too!


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9 Responses to By The Way…

  1. OK. The boy’s 10-months old now. He can TOTALLY get his mother something for her day. I’d give him a pass for last year. 2-months is still a bit young.
    In all seriousness, maybe hubby needs a few hints dropped his way such as how you would like to spend “your” special day. Of course, he’ll probably use the same tactic next month on Father’s Day.

  2. Oops. My math might be a bit off. (See above) haha –and yes, I AM a good accountant LOL

  3. Cyndi says:

    Does hubby read your blog? If not, let him know you want that massage! No sense in waiting for him to read your mind….that will just lead to disappointment.

  4. Evenshine says:

    I got asked point-blank. “Whaddaya want?” Breakfast in bed and a foot massage. Cheap and luxurious at the same time!

  5. Lubi :) says:

    haa haaa :)))) the massage sounds divine!!

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