I’m A Noob

I got another stroller. Well, it was a hand-me-down from a friend. His sister’s son had outgrown it and wanted to get rid of it. Score!

Why have two strollers? Well, we have one car and we live in a condo. I actually don’t drive. So, if I want to take my son out for a walk, I have to go all the way downstairs to the parking garage to get the stroller out of the car. Why not keep it upstairs then? Well, if we have to go somewhere as a family, someone has to lug the thing back down to the car. Very inconvenient.

So, my plan is to keep one in the car at all times and keep the other upstairs for my own excursions. Brilliant!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today. A trip to the mall definitely was in the works. Besides, Habitat For Humanity’s Project Denim was going on. They were accepting old denim to be recycled into housing insulation. Enjoy the sunshine and be green. Double score!

So, after lunch I packed up baby and went to the mall. I usually avoid shopping on Saturdays since everyone and their extended clan seem to come out. Too many people make shopping less pleasant. Nevertheless, I wanted to spend this time with my son. After all, I’ve started work again. I want to spend every minute of free time that I get with him.

It was definitely windier than I would have liked. But, my “new” stroller has a great canopy that protects my baby from the elements. The sunshine made up for it. It felt more like summer than spring.

We got the mall finally. I’m loving this stroller! It’s a lot bigger, but it’s very smooth and has tons of cargo room to hold my shopping. Very important.

After an hour, I noticed that it seemed pretty dark in the mall. The place has huge windows overhead to give a “greenhouse” kind of feel. There was no sun coming in though.

To my horror, it had started raining. I’m not talking about a nice spring shower. It was an apocalyptic, cats-and-dogs kind of deluge. Bummer! I had no jacket, umbrella, or rain shield. What a horrible mother I am! I’m supposed to be prepared for anything and everything. What good is a packed diaper bag if I neglect to bring basic protection from the weather?

So, I had to wake my hubby up (he works overnights) to pick my sorry ass up from the mall. Luckily, our car has room for two strollers in the trunk. However, my hubby had to let me know that he knew that this was going to happen and that we should get rid of one of the strollers. No way!

I’m just going to have to pay a little more attention to the forecast.



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4 Responses to I’m A Noob

  1. Yikes. Scary storm. At least you got to enjoy some of the sunshine before it turned ugly.

  2. Lubi :) says:

    2nd stroller! great idea! stick with it :))

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