I’ve mentioned before about my little guy teething and the havoc that he has unwittingly created. He’s thankfully calmed down a bit. But, he’s now started doing something that is causing me even more anguish.

He’s rejecting my boobs.

For the past couple of days now, he has refused to nurse. At first, I thought it was because he was in too much pain. But, he now starts pulling away as soon I lay him on my lap. I understand that it would be inevitable. However, he hasn’t really taken to using a sippy cup. I tried it a few months back. He threw it onto the floor. Joy.

Now, he chews on it at least. I suppose it soothes his gums. But, I’m not sure that he’s actually ingesting any liquid. My fear is that he’ll become dehydrated. But, he still has wet diapers. So, that’s something. I’ve also upped his yogurt intake so that he’ll get lots of calcium and added more homo milk to his food.

My sister has assured me that this may be a phase. But if it isn’t, at least I was able to nurse for over a year. I can take some comfort in that. However, I still feel somewhat sad. Again, these milestones are coming at me quicker than I can comprehend them. I want to rejoice, but feel melancholic because it’s like he needs me less and less.

My husband keeps assuring me that he will always be my baby. There’s still a lot of growing up to do. But, the pain of letting go is almost visceral.




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7 Responses to NOOOOO!

  1. materix01 says:

    Poor Myra

    I shall quote the cliche movie line of ‘kids grow up so fast these days’.
    I guess you have to let go an accept this rejection. Soon, he’ll be walking (though it’ll involve mostly falling).
    And you’ll be ready to catch him with a mother’s kiss or hug for whenever he falls (both physically and metaphorically).

  2. Evenshine says:

    Ummm…isn’t he One? Totally natural to be leaving the boobage behind. They’re mobile, they’re teeth-ful, and it’s more like wishful thinking to keep nursing beyond One. I was also saddened when mine decided not to nurse any more, but…such is life. Next he’ll be asking for the car keys, so watch out!

  3. I know what you’re feeling. When I couldn’t nurse anymore, I felt both sad and relieved. Sad that I wouldn’t be able to provide the best nutrition for my babies, but relieved to have my poor sore boobs back to myself. Hang in there. There are tons of cool things coming up for you to enjoy with your son.

  4. Lubi :) says:

    Hmmm… he’ll come around, hon…

    Maybe coat ur nipples with chocolate syrup?! :)))

    Yup, Lubi has the most obnoxious ideas!! ;))

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