The Pain! The Pain!

Just read about e’s trials and tribulations about molar hell. I can definitely relate as my little one is going through the same thing. So, life kind of sucks right now.

Teething really, really blows. My son’s first seven teeth arrived without a problem. But, his new ones coming in have transformed my sweet, happy bundle of sunshine into a whiny, miserable, pouty, and dramatic monster. If you add some black clothes and Goth music, he would be your typical apathetic emo teenager.

He will now only eat mushy foods such as cereal, yogurt, and purees. He refuses former faves such as toast and diced vegetables. It’s like he’s regressing in his eating habits. I’m OK with that. He is, however, now taken to crying and throwing himself prostrate onto the floor. It’s like he’s saying, “Not only can I not do anything myself but my mouth really, really hurts! This sucks donkey balls!”. I know this because I am fluent in baby-speak.

My poor Boo-Boo! I know this won’t last forever. But, it really is trying. Wet cloths, teething rings, and ice chips only give temporary relief. Too bad I can’t give him Scotch…



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8 Responses to The Pain! The Pain!

  1. bburke says:

    “Been there, done that”! I know you’ve heard this a thousand times already, but enjoy him now, because these days will melt away like butter and he will turn into a teenager asking for the keys to your car! He will reach puberty, his frontal lobes (which have been giving him common sense to that point) will totally stop developing, he’ll start wanting to jump out of airplanes, drink, and do all the things that will keep you up all night on your knees! However, before he turns into that teenager, you will be the one woman in his life that he will absolutely adore and will want to marry someone just like YOU! He will be the joy of your life! So just hang in there my dear! This too shall pass!

  2. Lubi :) says:

    haa haaa :))) you so hilarious, mommie luv!!

    for the ache that’s killin’ my head, me wants some Scotch as well ;))

  3. Poor baby! Yeah, poor you, too. I remember those nights rocking fussy babies in the wee hours of the morning. Always happened when those teeth were coming in.

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  5. Evenshine says:

    CUTE bib. Where to find, pleez?

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