Susan Boyle FTW!

By now you’ve probably heard about Susan Boyle. No? Come on! She’s only the most amazing singer on “Britain’s Got Talent” (so far) and the latest viral sensation on YouTube. You have to check out the video and then show it to your children (if you have any, of course!). Just watch it!

Look, at some point in our lives we’ve all felt like an outsider. We’ve all been put down, dismissed, and made to feel inferior, like we didn’t belong. Susan Boyle is living proof that talent and heart can be wrapped up in an unconventional package. She affirms that beauty can take all forms.

I’m reminded of the pivotal scene at the end of the movie “Revenge of the Nerds” where Gilbert rallies support to end “nerd persecution”.

We have news for the beautiful people.
There's a lot more of us than there are of you.

Truer words were never spoken. In this age of fabricated “reality” ( “The Hills” or anything on MTV for that matter), plastic ideals, and celebrity obsession, it’s refreshing to see the personification of not “judging a book by its cover”.


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6 Responses to Susan Boyle FTW!

  1. One of my friends sent me this video a few days ago. I absolutely loved it. Being an American Idol fan, I loved how Simon was as blown away as everyone else, and admitted it. Great video and story!

  2. Lubi :) says:

    I’m blown away… most certainly! Yes… I am :)))

    • myra36 says:

      Isn’t she awesome? I wish that I could watch the show. Alas, I think I have to YouTube it.

      • Lubi :) says:

        Myra Dahling, I usually download movies & tv shows from

        First google up the Azureus software, download it. That’s the portal you will use for the actual download of files. Create a separate folder in your computer to store these files in.

        After that, you go to and you search for your show, click Download The File, then make sure to click on Open and it should open in the folder you just made.

        And the downloading will begin. After you have watched your movie/show… if you want to delete the file, then go to your Azureus software, right click on the movie/show name and choose Remove Both, that will delete your torrent file & your downloaded movie/show file.

        Need anymore help, then pls do ask :))

      • myra36 says:

        Thanks hon!


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