Are You Serious?

Have you had something happen to you that made you go, “WTF?”

I wonder sometimes if I have a sign on my forehead that says, “Come hither weirdos!”

This is a true story. I couldn’t make it up if I tried.

On Saturday, I was at the bus stop minding my business, sipping my freshly brewed coffee from my handy-dandy travel mug. Some random guy comes out of nowhere. I mean, it was like he stepped out of a rip in the space-time continuum. Always pay attention to your surroundings people! Against my better judgement, we had the following conversation.

RANDOM DUDE – What are you drinking?

ME – Coffee.

RANDOM DUDE (who shall now be referred to as CREEPY GUY) – May I have a sip?

ME – I would rather not!

CREEPY GUY – It’s okay. I really could use a coffee though.

ME – The gas station is right there.

CREEPY GUY – So, what country are you from?

ME – Here.

CREEPY GUY – I mean, where are your parents from?

ME – The Phillippines (why haven’t I knocked this guy out yet?).

CREEPY GUY – Oh yeah? You know, I can’t get myself to eat that “chicken-egg” thing.

ME – Here’s my bus!

ARGH! First of all, the “chicken-egg” thing that he was referring to is called balut. It’s a fertilized duck (or chicken) egg with a nearly-developed embryo inside that is boiled and eaten in the shell. It sounds repulsive but is actually a common, everyday food in Asia. Of course, it goes down better with beer. At least, that’s what I’ve heard.

Anyhoo, when I relayed this story to my husband and my family, they had an enormous laugh at my expense. My hubby (bless his heart!) was actually quite taken aback at the fact that some nutjob had the audacity to approach his wife. My cousin, however, pointed out that “Creepy Guy” probably went home thinking, “Man, I had that chick! Too bad that bus had to come along.”

I feel so good about myself now.

Stranger danger!



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13 Responses to Are You Serious?

  1. materix01 says:

    Hahaha, you are such a weirdo magnet =P
    First the lift and now this.
    Oh wow, you’re Philippino? You learn something new everyday.
    Maybe creepy guy was on drugs?
    Baluk sounds scary >.< think I’ll stick to Salted Duck eggs and Century Eggs .

  2. materix01 says:

    I just had a strange mental cartoon image of using you as bait to catch weirdos…
    Hanging you on a fishing rod (even though you can’t hook a human onto fishing rod) and leading you and a long line of weird people to the police station…

  3. evenshine says:

    Wha-huh, materix01?

    TBM- are you sure materix01 wasn’t the person at the bus stop?? :)

  4. materix01 says:

    LOL, actually when you think about it, there is no real way to prove my identity. My whole blog site could be fake… And I could really be a stalker.
    *insert scary stalker dialogue from the movie scream*
    Damn that was a scary movie. My baby sitter watched it with me when I was 6. Great baby sitter eh?

  5. materix01 says:

    I got so scared in the opening scene. Where the guy murders the boyfriend and plays the mind games in the house. And then drags her out >.<
    The same baby sitter watched silence of the lamb with me too. I actually quite liked that movie and didn’t find it scary at all.

  6. Are you sure this wasn’t like some Candid Camera TV like thing? Or maybe some psychology student experiment. It just sounds so random.
    And it’s cute that hubby was disturbed. Mine would get like that, too.

  7. Lubi :) says:

    haa haaaaaa haaaaaaaa :)))

    well, a big punch to that Creep from Lubi :))

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