Birthday Party Redux

This past weekend I had another birthday party for my son. Why? Well, when I was planning for the big day I wanted to invite absolutely everyone. After all, a first birthday is a huge event. When I looked at the guest list, I noticed distinct groups. There was my family, our mutual friends, and my friends.

My friends are gay.

I guess that you could say that I am the “hag” of the group. I prefer “fruit fly”, but whatever. I’ve known these guys for years. There has been lots of drama, but we’ve stuck together. I love them to death. They’ve seen me at my best. They’ve seen me at my worst. So, of course I wanted to share my son’s special day with them.

Some people in my family are…conservative. I’ve given up trying to enlighten them a long time ago. They don’t understand homosexuality. They acknowledge it’s existence, but they don’t want to hear about it.

It hurts me sometimes. They are great people. My friends are beautiful souls and would enrich anyone’s life. But, some of my family members are too narrow-minded and ignorant to see past the stereotypes.

I thought about inviting everyone. To hell with the consequences! But, I figured that a baby’s birthday wasn’t the most ideal place to force disparate people together. After much agonizing, I told my friends about the situation. Thankfully, they were understanding.

So, we had our little shindig. It was wonderful to see my son interact with his extended brood of “uncles”. Some of them threatened to steal him away. They hope to be parents themselves someday. I hope that happens.

One of my friends asked me how I would feel if my son came to me someday and told me that he was gay.

A million thoughts rushed through my head. But, the one thought that prevailed was that I would still love him. It wasn’t even a question. Of course, I would worry endlessly about him being shunned and prejudiced against. People can be so ugly and cruel. But, it’s more important that my son be a good, moral, and thoughtful person. Who cares if he prefers Adam over Eve?




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