Crush On You

Help! Ever since the World Figure Skating Championships, I’ve had an huge crush on French skater Brian Joubert. Yes, I know that I said he could “suck it” on a previous post. I take it back.  When he crashed and burned on his long program, I felt so sad. The despondent look on his face….This is precisely why I avoid pet stores. I’m a sucker for looks of longing.

Of course, this is nothing but a harmless school-girl crush. It will obviously go NOWHERE. But, what bugs me is the fact that I am many, many (I exaggerate, of course!) years removed from school. Crushes are adolescent and for the young. I am happily married mother for the love of God! So, why am I looking up B-Jou (Yes, I’ve coined a nickname for him) on Wikipedia? Is this how stalkers start out?

A while back, my friend posted a note about a “safe list” on Facebook. Basically, it’s compilation of the people that you would definitely “do” (why am I beating around the bush?) without fear of reprisal.

OK, it’s all very silly. Definitely very high school. But, I came up with my own list. And, I didn’t feel guilty. Because, it’s all FANTASY! I may be married but I’m not dead.

Maybe I should ask  my hubby who would be on his safe list?





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4 Responses to Crush On You

  1. materix01 says:

    He doesn’t look that good no offence =P
    I think your hubby may have better people on his “safe list”.

  2. Lubi :) says:

    he’s cute alrite! ;))

    now let’s think about my “safe list”… hmmm… ;)) hee heee!!

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