I Don’t Want To Let Go

We went to the doctor today for my son’s one-year vaccination and check-up. I have to say that he did really well. What a superstar! He took both needles like a pro. I always feel bad for inflicting pain on him but he was fine. Everything else checked out so all is good.

The bugger is really starting to walk now. I just have to sit there in awe. It seems like yesterday that he learned how to turn over. When he started crawling, I knew that it wouldn’t be long before he was cruising. Next, he’ll be running. While I’m obviously happy and proud, I can’t help but feel a little sad. With every achievement comes the realization that he’s growing up very quickly. I miss those days where he would just fall asleep on my belly. Now he just wants to get away and see everything.

He’s only one but he’s already showing his independence. It’s weird wanting him to be dependent on me forever. Alas, this cannot be.

I can sort of understand why some women are serially pregnant. Who wants their babies to grow up?



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8 Responses to I Don’t Want To Let Go

  1. Fawn says:

    Y’know, I sometimes do feel a little sad or nostalgic, but so far I’ve found every age more fun than the last… so I enjoy watching the little ones grow up!

    • myra36 says:

      Yeah, it’s amazing how quickly they do grow up. I must remember to keep in mind what my hubby always says to me: “He’ll always be your baby.”

  2. What an adorable picture! I will never understand women who love being pregnant, simply because I hated pregnancy so much. They do grow up way too fast though, and all we can do is enjoy each moment as it happens. It is bittersweet witnessing each new milestone.

  3. uh-oh. Time to have another one?

  4. Lubi :) says:


    Congrats on ur baby’s first steps, hon!!

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