I Am Woman. I’m Roaring!

I came across this in another post.


It’s a kit that contains items that will “get you through labour in style” and “keep you feeling fabulous until the job is done”. It contains lip gloss, mirror, delivery dress, headband, lemon – water towelette, and massage oil.

Seriously? I don’t know about you but I find it hard to believe that this little kit will keep you all fresh and pretty when you’re attempting to push a watermelon out of your hoo-hoo. OK, the massage oil and headband might come in handy. But, a towelette? Honey, I don’t know about you but a mattress couldn’t soak up the mess I made. Lip gloss? Yeah, with waves of make-it-stop-before-I-take-a-brick-to-my-head pain coming every two minutes, I really want to make sure that my lips are nice and shiny.

I’m sure that this kit is meant to be just for fun. But, why then does the website refer to the expectant mother as an “unrecognizable monster in a hospital gown”? We need to stop feeling ashamed about the messiness of giving birth. Yes, it’s bloody. Yes, it’s painful. You will cry, scream, get all red-faced, and look…ugly. Get over it. But, that’s almost the beauty of it. Out of the chaos comes the most perfect and beautiful gift imaginable – life.

Honey, when you’re creating something that magical, you gotta work for it.



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5 Responses to I Am Woman. I’m Roaring!

  1. Evenshine says:

    I *do* like the dress, though. Much nicer than the two hospital gowns I was swathed in. I’m with ya on the lip gloss and massage oil. I didn’t want any smells during my labor- my bff gave me a foot massage with peppermint lotion and I hurled. So no, no lovely labor kit for me.

  2. Lubi :) says:

    haaa haaaa :)))

    this thing is made for me.

    albeit, some 10yrs later than when i actually needed it!!! :D

    as soon as i had pushed Nazaha out and my placenta too…and i was heaving a great big humungous sigh, and my daughter was getting cleaned up ‘n inspected by the nurses, and my mom was already dialing calls to my dad ‘n all worldwide, my husband got his camera out!!

    i screamed, OMG!!! gimme my make-up kit! i need to look presentable!!

    for a second everyone in the labor room turned n looked at me with a shock!! :)))) yes, i had to get around to looking a lil’ presentable before my baby was handed over to me :D but once she came into my arms…i forgot everything else, even my own self :)))

    i shall never forget that moment!! ;)

  3. Cyndi says:

    I agree, this is absurd. I couldn’t have cared less about how I looked! There is nothing glamorous about childbirth and we shouldn’t feel ashamed about any of it. This is just another example of society, the fashion industry and advertising trying to tell us what the ideal woman should do. Ridiculous.

  4. darkeve says:


    It is ridiculous!!

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