Don’t you love it when kids say the darnedest things?

My sister asked me a couple of weeks ago to look after her kids. Her hubby had a funeral to go to and she couldn’t take another day off work. No problem. My husband would even come to help. Yay! This would be our chance to see what life would be like with three children.

OK, I exaggerate of course. Seven hours doesn’t even begin to resemble life with a multiple brood. Plus, my sister’s kids a re remarkably well-behaved. So, this was more like a playdate.

Anyway, before giving them lunch, I had to nurse my son. My niece asked my husband what her cousin was doing. He replied, “Oh, he’s just having his lunch”. Curious, she looked over at my son slurping away. After a few minutes of careful observation, she declared:

“He’s not eating lunch. He’s just having a little snack.”

How cute is that?



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