Did I Tell You About The Time…

I wrote a post a while ago about having a relatively easy go at motherhood so far. You haven’t read it? Well, here you go!


I’ve made a few forehead-slapping mistakes such as inadvertently putting his life in danger (please see “Take My Advice”). From conception until now, however, it has been remarkably smooth sailing.

fishSo, just like fishermen, the stories come out when mothers get together. Each one wants to do outdo the other in terms of who had the worst morning sickness, whose labour was longer and more painful, whose kid pooped the most, whose baby was the fussiest, etc. What do you do when your own pregnancy was uneventful? Or, how about when your baby has been nothing but an angel? Yes, yes I know. All children are angels. Yadda, yadda,yadda.You know what I mean. Although you have to admit there are some pretty heavily chlorinated gene pools out there.

Do you dare pipe up to relate your hassle-free experiences? Would you be able to handle the eyebaby-crying daggers of death?

I have to admit that I’m usually the last person to share my story in such a group. I feel a twinge of guilt for not suffering as much as my fellow mommies. But, should I? It’s not exactly my fault.

And, why do we have to share these stories? There are other things going on in the world. Can we not talk about something else? How about that Octomom?

If someone tells you some pregnancy or child-rearing tale, do you feel compelled to share?


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